VIP Pool Services provides swimming pool services to our clients in Lewisville and other North Texas areas and we know that for our clients, outdoor living is more than just swimming and barbecue – it’s a lifestyle. Having an outdoor living space that can include an outdoor kitchen and swimming pool is like having an extra room – one in which you can bring nature, sunlight, cool (or not…this is North Texas!) breezes, and more into your family’s daily life. One way to make the most of your outdoor living area is good landscaping for pool areas and outdoor living areas.

Landscaping adds the finishing touch to your family’s oasis. Plants, shrubs, and ground covers provide beauty around a swimming pool, and tall plants can even enhance privacy. Plants soften the rough lines of your swimming pool and can camouflage swimming pool equipment. They also help your outdoor kitchen and swimming pools blend more naturally with the environment.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a swimming pool and outdoor living area, create a landscape that makes the area your yard’s focal point. Because we are in North Texas, practical matters must always be considered. Choosing plants that are low maintenance and will use less water is essential.

Follow these tips to choose your plants wisely.

1. Choose plants that will flourish in the hot North Texas sun and heat. Your pool and deck will reflect a lot of sunlight and heat.

2. Consider plant litter and choose plants that drop all or most of their leaves at one time. This ensures that you’re cleaning once per year and not daily. Continuous leaf drop requires continuous cleaning and can dirty the pool or even clog equipment if you’re not diligent.

3. Swimming pool areas in Texas can be enjoyed nearly year round, so plan for color and interest that will reflect the North Texas seasons.

4. Always select low-water-use plants so that heavy irrigation around the pool area will not be required.

5. The swimming pool area is the place to showcase the plants that have showy flowers and leaves.

6. Take advantage of our North Texas heat to enjoy cacti and succulents. They require minimal irrigation, produce nearly no litter, and are attractive 12 months of the year. Be sure and plant them far enough away from the walkway that people can avoid accidental injury.

7. If you plant some plants that have small amounts of seasonal litter, plant them downwind from the swimming pool.

8. Whenever possible, try to minimize lawns and grasses near swimming pools. This will help you avoid the expense and hassle of worrying about grass clippings in your swimming pool.

9. When choosing trees, consider invasive root systems. These will definitely damage a swimming pool eventually.


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