Outdoor kitchens and outdoor bars in North Texas

As North Texas moves into fall, the weather becomes wonderful for outdoor living. Do you have an optimal outdoor living area? if not, why not start planning one now and start with an outdoor kitchen!For North Texas entertaining, having an outdoor kitchen is nearly a prerequisite. While a plain ole’ grill on a patio works fine, consider installing an outdoor kitchen to be a very inexpensive way to add a room onto your house. How do you plan an outdoor kitchen? See our tips below.

1. Outdoor kitchens should be close to your indoor kitchen.

Clean-up and carting food back and forth is made simpler if you follow this tip.

Install an outdoor kitchen or outdoor bar in your North Texas swimming pool area

2. Plan your storage solutions in your outdoor kitchen.

Do you want drawers, built-in trash bins, or cabinets with doors?

outdoor kitchen with built-in grill and serving island

3. Consider a sink in your outdoor kitchen.

In northern climates, this is tricky, but in our beautiful North Texas, not so much. You will just have to pay close attention to the pipes on freezing days.


4. Decide what appliances you want your outdoor kitchen to have.

Obviously, a grill is a must, but you also want to consider refrigerators, built-in ice chests, wine coolers, side grills and burners, etc…

Install an outdoor bar or outdoor kitchen in your pool area in North Texas

5. Plan your shading structure.

If you’re just wanting to get out of the sun, a pergola roof will reduce sunlight and heat while adding aesthetic elements. If you want to use your outdoor kitchen even in inclement weather, you’ll need to plan a roof.


6. Include a bar in your outdoor kitchen.

Even if your family doesn’t partake in alcoholic beverages, a bar makes it very easy to store and serve beverages and food. Having your built-in ice chest here might be a good option.

Install an outdoor bar North Texas or an outdoor kitchen North Texas

Fall in North Texas is nearly here, with winter right on its heels. Don’t miss out on outdoor entertaining fun in North Texas. Call us today for an estimate and let’s get started building your outdoor kitchen.


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