We talk a lot about how having an outdoor room or living area in the Dallas, Lewisville, or other North Texas area is ideal, and there are thousands of great ideas on the web to help you plan the perfect outdoor living area for your family. If you’ve already started with an outdoor kitchen, here are some photos that should get your imagination going on how to make it uniquely yours.

Simply add furniture to your existing patio.

Create an intimate Dallas living area.

Take advantage of your privacy fence.

Make the most of your yard’s corner space.

Guaranteed to NEVER lose your back cushions!

More color. Make it uniquely you.

Re-create the mood of Mexican and European sidewalk cafes.

An old-fashioned front porch made fabulous.

Camp style: Porches (© Don Freeman)
Image Source: MSN Real Estate

Where does the indoor living room end and the outdoor living room begin?

Image Source: HouseOfFifty.com

No roof for your Dallas outdoor kitchen? No problem!

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas
Image Source: AHomeDesigns.us

Maybe one of the rare situations in which your hilly property is a very good thing.

Image Source: AHomeDesigns.us

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